How to Choose Between a Range or a Cooktop and Wall Oven in the Kitchen

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Exploring the Pros and Cons of Wall Ovens vs. Ranges

For years, wall ovens have been a symbol of luxury and elegance in the kitchen and allow for greater volume and convenience when baking. As range manufacturers have developed their products to accommodate the more varied needs of residential kitchens, freestanding ranges with integrated ovens have evolved to rival wall ovens for both elegance and functionality. many manufacturers offer ranges at 36 and 48 inches wide which allows for multiple ovens below. Some high-end ranges have dedicated spaces and zone control all within the same unit. This can be beneficial in smaller kitchens that don’t have space for a wall oven or open floor concepts with very limited wall space. Larger kitchens can have the best of both worlds with a freestanding range and additional wall ovens or similar appliance components. There are different types of oven available as well as microwaves, convection oven/microwave combos, warming drawers, steam ovens and a seemingly endless list of new technology available to satisfy any culinary needs.

If budget is a concern, as is often the case, an integrated range is likely the most economical choice, not only because of the appliance cost but the infrastructure necessary to use the appliance.  Having only one point of electrical or gas connection can save a great deal of money as most NW homes were not built with multiple connections in the kitchen. Even if it’s new construction, more connections mean more money. Wall ovens typically are self-venting although with some models doubling your ventilation may be a concern as well. In some homes, additional dedicated circuits will be necessary which can lead to additional sub panels being added.

If you want to splurge on the appliances, using a 30- or 36-inch range in combination with a few wall components offers the most versatility inconvenience when cooking. A single wall oven with a warming drawer and steam oven or convection oven microwave combo allows for less disruption to the person operating the stove if multiple cooks are working in the same space. Holidays and parties can be a time when many people could be using the kitchen all at the same time and being able to separate the work zones can be quite beneficial.

With modern range options offering so much to the consumer, wall ovens are no longer the deciding factor that makes a truly luxury kitchen. The old cliché of a gas cooktop with double wall ovens in high-end homes is not as critical as it used to be.  While still relevant and versatile wall ovens are no longer necessary to retain resale value in higher-end homes but are often now affordable enough to be found in homes all over the northwest. The best option is to identify your family’s needs and your budget, then let your