Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Contractor | How do I choose a general contractor?

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Checklist of Questions to Ask Your General Contractor

When choosing the right contractor for your project, there are many factors to take into account. Not all contractors are right for all people and finding the perfect fit can be a daunting process. Here are some important questions to ask when interviewing a potential contractor to ensure they are someone you want to work with.

What is not included in your services that will be necessary?

Many contractors will try to earn business at a lower price but avoid revealing the additional costs that your project will incur.

How long does your average kitchen or bathroom project take in the home?

The national average for a full-service contractor to complete a kitchen renovation is about three months. By streamlining the process, Kitchen & More is able to routinely complete projects in 4 to 6 weeks.

Will I be able to continue living in my home during construction?

Beyond the cost of renovation, the accommodations a family must make during the project will contribute to the total project cost.

How many non-working days will there be during the project?

More efficient contractors are able to keep working days as consecutive as possible however with some contractors you may end up waiting days or weeks with no work being done in the home.

Will there be a dedicated project manager or on-site supervision during the project duration?

If you do not intend to do your own on-site management, such as the case with a time and materials contractor, it’s important to know whose responsibility it will be to work with subcontractors in other tradespeople.

Will I be responsible for providing permits? Will you obtain the permits and set up the inspections required for this job?

A homeowner may procure their own permits, but many prefer to have an expert advise them on which permits are necessary so there are no mistakes.

What is the default process your company uses for my scope of a renovation?

Efficient and prolific contractors tend to follow a very rigid process for every job they do to ensure minimal risk to the client.

Will my designer/salesperson be involved in the entire project?

Often during the design phase, the client and designer will build a good working relationship. Having the designer be involved in the entire project can be very beneficial to the client when settling disputes.

How do we resolve any disagreements?

Unforeseen issues or changes to the contract can be deeply impactful on a renovation so it is important to know how your contractor intends to resolve and move past such issues.

Is your price fixed or can I expect additional charges during the project?

To get a completely fixed price you will need to make all of your product selections and finalize the design in advance of construction. If this is not done first, you can expect the total project cost to increase with change orders.

Will there be a pre-construction lien placed on my home?

The construction lien is the most common legal recourse a contractor will use if a client does not fulfill their part of the contract. Many contractors apply for a lean in advance of the project and then provide lean release documents to the client after completion. Kitchen & More prefers not to pre-lien our client’s homes and thus does.