Northwest Contemporary Kitchen and Bathroom Designs

By August 15, 2019 February 16th, 2024 No Comments

Many designers would agree that the fun part of Northwest contemporary design is the lack of structure. There are strong linear elements and emphasis on minimalistic shapes and rustic colors or textures in nearly every example of northwest contemporary design, but it is common and encouraged to add bold elements from other design styles. Some of the basic elements of the home could be large windows, open floor plans, rustic or natural elements such as stone and wood, minimalist design and a heavily influence from rural Japanese architecture. Oak hardwood floors are common and elegant as well as craftsman style moldings. Large rectangular windows and skylights are prevalent also, helping us take advantage of as much natural light as possible. Slate floors and river rock can be used to bring in an additional rustic element along with rough lumber beams and wood wall paneling. Clear glass with window treatments is a standard but many homes use frosted glass to obscure ground-level windows without reducing the natural light. Cabinetry and molding colors are often natural wood with oak, cherry, walnut, maple and fir being the most popular species. Soft white with earth tone accent walls of greens and reds abound. Northwest contemporary designs can be rounded out with smaller bold elements that draw focus. Brilliant colors of glass or metal can add a more modern element while lighter colored fabrics can bring whimsey. A sage green rug in a kitchen with oak floors, walnut cabinets and white stone countertops, evokes the feeling of nature, complete with forest floor. Blue or Emerald Pearl granite or a blue glass backsplash can seem reminiscent of a wooded northwest lakefront even in an urban setting, or a deep vermilion accent wall can hold onto the last light of sunset. With northwest contemporary design, the single most important element is the family that will live inside it so be sure to add your own personal bold touches to make your home as beautiful and unique as the northwest itself.