Are you Remodeling Your Kitchen or Bathroom? Steps for your upcoming project

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Even with a full-service contractor there are things that need to be taken care of prior to the start date of your project. You will want to remove everything you can from the project area. If it’s a kitchen, make sure to empty all of the cabinetry and clear off all countertops. Remove any furniture so it can be safely stored away from the project area. Any art or knickknacks hanging on the walls need to be removed from not only the room being renovated but all adjacent rooms to avoid damage. Pathways from the homes’ point of entry must also be cleared of furniture or other obstacles that will hinder the work to be done. Kitchen & More will protect the client’s home using rigid material on the floors and plastic walls to contain the project area, and our technicians can do a more complete job if the site is prepared well. Be sure to clear access to your circuit breaker panel and any water shut-off valves as well. If you live in a condominium or a neighborhood with a strict homeowner’s association, you need to be aware of what stipulations there maybe concerning your project. It’s always wise to alert your neighbors before the project starts so they know to expect delivery vehicles. On the first day of your project, you can expect quite a bit of prep work to be done and that process will go much smoother if you are ready for them. Be sure to ask your designer for more detailed instructions on how to be prepared.