Waterfall Countertops. Trends to Keep an Eye On in 2020

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If you have been keeping up with the latest trends and styles of kitchen remodeling and bathroom remodeling, you may have become familiar with waterfall edge countertops in the past few years.

It seems like waterfall countertops are high-end architectural elements, and costs too much, but it is not true. Increased visual appeal and easy installation made waterfall countertop edges one of the most popular countertops finishes available on the interior design today.

waterfall countertops Bellevue                    waterfall countertops Bellevue

The role of a waterfall countertop is not only to create visual continuity between the floor and the surface but also to hide appliances, to protect the cabinetry and be eye-catching and dramatic from a visual point of view.

waterfall countertops Bellevue                    Waterfall Countertops Bellevue