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When renters inspect a property, one of the first rooms they check is the kitchen. When the kitchen does not meet their expectations, they will not rent the property.

Kitchens no longer only serve the purpose of preparing and eating meals. People also use the kitchen as a place where the family gathers to have conversations and bond. They also entertain visitors in their kitchens.

For these reasons, landlords have been searching for ways to improve their kitchens and keep up with the competition. However, when you are renovating your kitchen, there are several things you should consider.

The designs you choose should be attractive and acceptable to many renters. It should be able to stand the test of time. You do not want to be renovating your kitchen every time you have a new tenant. It would be best if you also consider the type and location of your rental property. All these go a long way to deciding the renovation you choose.

Below are some tips for kitchen renovations in a rental property.

Install modern and energy-efficient appliances
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Appliances are what make your kitchen stand out. We advise that you invest wisely in them. Choose mid-priced appliances. Costly ones will attract tenants, but most of them may not be able to afford the rent. And if you go for cheaper models, it means you will replace them soon. That is because cheap appliances break down faster.

When installing new appliances, consider energy efficiency. Prospective tenants will appreciate the fact that their energy bills will be lesser if they rent your property. Also, choose built-in appliances over free-standing ones. It is easier to clean them than the free-standing ones that have hard-to-reach areas.

Upgrade your appliances from gas to electric. It prevents the need to reroute gas lines and also reduces the risk of fire outbreaks.

Modernize your cabinets

Be very tactical when you are upgrading your cabinets. Ensure that you use plywood for cabinetry used under the sink. Frequent exposure to water will cause it to swell and break down. 

Provide adequate storage space in the kitchen. The cabinets should have many drawers and not just three as most rental properties have. Your cabinets should be tall and reach up to the ceiling. It will help to reduce the surface area for dust and also maximize space.

The type of material you use for the cabinet also matters. Here, we recommend textured melamine. That is because it is resistant to moisture, heat, and stains. 

Use neutral colors for the cabinets. It will match all your tenant’s accessories. Dark colors will make your kitchen dull and gloomy.

Replace plumbing fixtures and backsplash
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The plumbing fixtures in your kitchen can modernize it or make it look outdated. We recommend that you replace all the old and worn-out plumbing fixtures. Install fixtures that have energy-efficient properties, for example, low-flow faucets.

Invest in quality plumbing fixtures because it will save you money. If you install cheap ones, you will spend money replacing them often. Also, add a backsplash to your kitchen. They are attractive and inexpensive.

Paint the walls
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The colors of your walls should be able to bring out the beauty of your kitchen. Remember that your tenants will move in with their curtains and other accessories. The colors you paint on your kitchen should be one that matches all their items.

For this reason, we recommend that you go for neutral colors. No matter the color of accessories that your tenants have, they will always look perfect with neutral colors on the kitchen walls.

Invest in benchtops, doors, and countertops

For your doors, we recommend that you make use of melamine or high-end doors. Melamine is not expensive, but it has good resistance to wear and tear. High-end doors will boost the value of your kitchen. Whereas plastic doors will make your kitchen look cheap.

When installing countertops, we recommend that you choose stone instead of laminate. Quartz is perfect, and they require no maintenance. Granite is also preferable, but you will need to seal it regularly.

You can choose textured laminates that have patterns for your benchtops. They are stain-resistant, attractive, affordable, highly functional, and hide scratches.

Maximize the counter space
Maximize the counter space

Tenants do not mind if you install double or single sinks. Also, larger sizes of fridge or cooking ranges do not matter to them. They prefer attractive yet functional apartment-sized fridges and cooking ranges. 

For this reason, single sinks and moderate-size appliances should be your choice. Using these will help you to maximize space for the counter.

Bottom line

Do you want to renovate your kitchen in other to give it a modern feel? Or do you want to improve the energy efficiency of the kitchen? Whatever your reasons, proper kitchen renovations will boost the tenant’s retention rate of your rental property.