Tips for Planning a Successful Kitchen and Bathroom Remodel

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Home renovation can be costly and stressful even with proper planning. The more detailed your plan is, the better prepared you will be.

Do Your Research

Before working with the designer you can start by taking note of what you like about the rooms that you see. You can use the Internet to find inspiration or visit local design showrooms to better educate yourself before committing your time or money to the project. Many contractors offer design services and can help you through this process, but your designer is not a mind reader so it helps to have an understanding of what you do or don’t like in home design.

Knowing your Space

Knowing how space will be used is important also. This can mean the frequency of use, the number of people who will use the space on a regular basis, or any other relevant factors. If it is a kitchen to be renovated the type of foods that will be prepared may have a huge impact on design. Counter space, storage space, and ventilation are particularly important factors depending on the cuisine.

Material Selections

Along with design ideas and material selections you will also need a plan of who is going to do the work. Even when working with a full-service contractor there will be tasks that are not included. A few examples could be a touch-up painting, replacing the furniture, adjusting track lighting, etc. Be sure to get a detailed list of such tasks from your contractor so you can be prepared. Your contract should stipulate everything that is included but may not list things that are not included but will be necessary. If you plan to do a significant amount of the work yourself, or are not using a full-service contractor, you may want to hire a design consultant to help you complete this list.

Have a Budget

Establishing a budget before beginning the design process will help your designer or contractor give you the most bang for your buck. The more open you are with them about the money you intend to invest, the easier it will be for them to cater to the project specifically to fit your budget while filling as many of your needs as possible. It’s not uncommon for people to feel hesitant in sharing their budget with a perspective contractor but keep in mind, just because you told them your budget doesn’t mean you have to work with them. You still have the opportunity to get multiple bids from different contractors to ensure you are getting the best value. There are many resources online to help you create a preliminary budget based on the size of your home, the area that it’s in and the scope of work desired.

Do To List

Another important factor to plan for is what to do during a renovation. At least the room being renovated will be unusable during the project and if that is the kitchen or bathroom that can have a great impact on the family. The average duration of a kitchen remodel is 3 months and even when using a contractor like a Kitchen and More who can do it faster, there could still be a month or more that you will not be able to use your kitchen. Make a plan for how the daily tasks of the space can be done elsewhere, either in the home or outside of it.