Essential Kitchen Cabinet Accessories for Maximizing Storage Space

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A cluttered kitchen space is not only unappealing but also hinders your ability to cook efficiently and can compromise your safety and hygiene. 

In a cramped and disordered environment, accidents are more likely to occur, from spills leading to slips to difficulty in maintaining cleanliness. Prioritizing organization not only enhances the look and feel of your kitchen but also ensures it remains a safe and sanitary space for preparing meals.

Unorganized Kitchen

Having the right accessories for your kitchen cabinets will keep your kitchen clean, well-organized and functional while offering something fun and special. Custom cabinetry makers have put time and thought into making storage accessories functional and practical. With your well-organized kitchen, you can focus on cooking and family time instead of trying to find an item, you use occasionally.

Here are some kitchen cabinet accessory ideas you should consider incorporating into your space:

1. Modern Lazy Susan/ Blind Corner Swing-Outs

Traditional Lazy Susans are usually comprised of a rack or shelf on a spinning base, making them handy for storing and accessing various items easily. 

On the other hand, modern Lazy Susans have evolved to include innovative features such as multiple tiers, built-in lighting, and even smart technology integration for inventory management. 

Lazy Susan , Rotating Corner Cabinet Tray

Lazy Susan , Rotating Corner Cabinet Tray

The segmented trays, or adjustable dividers, offer customized storage solutions for spices, condiments, utensils, or even craft supplies. Modern Lazy Susans are also made from durable and sleek materials such as stainless steel, durable tempered glass, elegant marble, and various types of wood.

2. Pull Out Drawers

Unlike traditional shelves, pull out drawers allow for versatile storage solutions that give you easy access to items. There are various types of pull-out drawers that you can incorporate into your kitchen, here are just some of the options you should consider:

Trashcan Pull-out: A trashcan pull-out discreetly integrates your waste bin into your cabinetry, freeing up floor space and keeping garbage out of sight. This convenient setup often includes separate compartments for recycling, making it easier to sort and manage waste responsibly.

double trash can pull out

Double Trash Can pull-out

Pull-out Utensils Drawer: With designated slots for each utensil, a pull-out utensils drawer not only prevents clutter but also ensures that everything you need for cooking is within arm’s reach, streamlining your meal preparation process.

Pull-out Utensil Drawer

Double Trash Can pull-out

Pull-out Spice Rack: Have a dedicated space for your herbs and spices by installing a pull-out spice rack. This keeps your spices orderly and accessible right when you need them. This innovative storage solution can be customized to fit various cabinet sizes, ensuring that even the smallest of spaces can be maximized for efficiency.

Silverware storage organizers

Silverware storage organizers, Spice drawer insets

Charging Pullout: By concealing charging cables and devices within a drawer, you maintain clean and uncluttered countertops and desks. This eliminates the need for multiple charging cords and outlets spread across your space, leading to a tidier environment and more efficient charging.

Charging Pull Out Drawer

Charging Pull Out Drawer

3. Built-In Utensil Organizers 

A built-in utensils organizer is the perfect way to improve the accessibility of your kitchen tools while ensuring each item is stored properly. 

Customizable compartments allow you to efficiently organize a wide array of utensils efficiently, maximizing the use of drawer space. Kitchen unit accessories like built-in utensil organizers eliminate clutter, making your kitchen feel more spacious and well-organized.

Built-In Utensil Organizers

Built-In Utensil Organizers

4. Kitchen Cabinet Tray Divider

Installing a kitchen cabinet tray divider is a clever way to maximize the use of vertical space in your cabinets, allowing you to neatly organize baking sheets, cutting boards, and serving trays. This not only keeps your kitchen more organized but also makes it easier to grab exactly what you need without having to sift through a pile of kitchenware.

This not only speeds up your meal prep by reducing the time spent searching for the right utensils but also helps maintain the condition of your kitchenware by minimizing wear and tear. Furthermore, tray dividers can be easily installed in existing cabinets, making them a straightforward and cost-effective solution to common storage problems.

Kitchen cabinet tray divider

Kitchen Cabinet Tray Divider

5. Mixer Lift 

A mixer lift is a specialized kitchen cabinet mechanism designed to store heavy countertop appliances, such as stand mixers, beneath the counter and effortlessly lift them to working height when needed. 

The ergonomic design of the mixer lift is a game-changer, especially for older homeowners who want to reduce back strain, as it reduces the need to manually lift heavy appliances, making it more accessible for everyone. It’s not only stylish, but it is also practical and ensures a risk-free and convenient cooking experience. 

Mixer Lift

Mixer Lift

6. Blind Corner Cabinet

A blind corner cabinet is a type of kitchen cabinetry designed to maximize storage in the corner spaces of kitchens, which are often underutilized or difficult to access. These cabinets are named “blind” because one side is hidden or inaccessible when the door on the other side is open. 

This type of cabinet accessory provides ample storage space in an area that would otherwise be wasted. By utilizing this space efficiently, homeowners can store a wide range of kitchen items, from bulky pots and pans to small appliances and pantry goods, keeping them out of sight yet readily accessible. 

Blind Corner Cabinet

Blind Corner Cabinet

7. Wall Cabinet Pantry

A wall cabinet pantry maximizes kitchen storage by using vertical wall space for pantry goods and appliances, saving precious floor area. 

Mounted above countertops, it turns overlooked spaces into functional storage, ideal for compact kitchens. Items are easily visible and reachable at eye level, promoting an organized, tidy kitchen with clutter-free countertops.

Pull Out Pantry

Pull Out Pantry

Final Thoughts

Investing in kitchen cabinet accessories can swiftly transform an ordinary kitchen into a stunning and highly functional space. By selecting the perfect combination of pull-out shelves, lazy Susans, and utensil dividers, you can ensure every pot, pan, and spoon has its place, streamlining your cooking process and enhancing your kitchen’s visual appeal.

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