Cabinet Refacing

Refacing can make an old kitchen look brand new and, in some cases, can make minor adjustments to the existing cabinet layout, increasing functionality. The doors, drawers and any moldings are removed leaving only the cabinet boxes themselves which are then laminated with a new material to match the new door selection.

The refacing process has been refined in the last 20 years to produce striking results that are virtually indistinguishable from new cabinetry on the outside. The inside of the cabinetry remains the same but can be painted if necessary, to complete the look. Refacing is typically more expensive than a professional painting contractor would be but eliminates many costs associated with making more significant changes in the kitchen.

You may not need to change your countertop or backsplash when refacing your cabinetry, which represents a significant reduction in cost over full renovation. Unfortunately, as is the case with painting, refacing does not allow for changes made to the footprint of the cabinetry. If a significant change to the cabinet or appliance placement is necessary, refacing may not be the right solution for you.