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How big is my kitchen? | Tips for Controlling the Budget on a Kitchen Remodel

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The most common Misconception among new clients is with the size of their kitchen. We all wish our kitchens were bigger and so we assume that what we have are smaller than they really are. The average kitchen In America is 30 linear feet. There are multiple ways to describe the size of the kitchen but the two most common are square feet and linear feet. While the square footage of the kitchen footprint is important, the most accurate measure of a kitchens scale is in linear footage. Linear footage refers to the distance across the faces of the cabinetry, both wall, and base cabinets. With each linear foot of cabinetry, you can assume a certain amount of countertop, backsplash, flooring, and incidental materials necessary to fill the existing space. This can be valuable information when predicting the cost of a potential project as it reflects the materials that make up the bulk of the cost and not the empty space of an open floor plan. Without a completed plan and material selection list, no one can say for sure how much your project will cost. Kitchen & More offers in-home consultations to assist in developing a budget for our clients but if you are out of our service area or just want to get some advanced information, follow these steps to measure your existing kitchen.

Using a tape measure, measure in inches across the faces of all base cabinets and wall cabinets. For a full-height cabinet such as a wall of and or pantry, you will need to add the width twice as if it were two cabinets. You do not need to measure the sides or backs of the cabinetry including peninsulas and islands.  Once you have measured all of your cabinets in inches, divide the total by twelve to find the length in feet. This number is your linear footage. To predict the range in cost of your project all you need to do is find the average cost of a kitchen remodel in your area. Take that cost and divide it by 30 giving you the average cost per linear foot in your area. You can then multiply that by your actual linear footage, and you will be left with the average cost of the kitchen renovation on a project your size. For example, if your kitchen were 35 linear feet and the average cost of a kitchen renovation in Seattle was $75,000, the per linear foot cost would be $2500 and your average total project cost would be $87,500.

The average is just that, an average, so there will be a considerable range in costs you could expect for the same size project. The best way to know for sure is by working with a designer to build a completed design and materials list but knowing the average cost of your project can help you better prepare for that process.