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Reasons to Hire a Professional Bathroom Remodeler

Bathrooms are among the highest value rooms in the home and for many homeowners represent a major factor in their overall enjoyment of their living space. Changes to the bathroom can have a significant impact in terms of not just aesthetics but also lifestyle. With so many options for products to improve the look and fixtures to increase the functionality, bathroom renovations have become one of the most popular ways to add value to a home.

While they are typically not as large as kitchens, bathrooms are often just as complicated, sometimes more so. Bathrooms include significantly more plumbing fixtures and services to renovate, and more often require additional electrical services. Many bathrooms today are no longer compliant with local codes that require dedicated circuits, for example. For this reason, using an expert remodeler to complete a bathroom project can be essential as an understanding of not only the materials, but also local codes, is critical.

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Material Selection Tips for Bathroom Renovations

In bathroom remodels, some materials perform better than others. Here are some important guidelines to keep in mind when selecting materials for the bathroom remodel.

  • Flooring in the bathroom should be water resistant, and is traditionally done with tile. Especially in the Northwest, many homeowners prefer flexible materials such as engineered stone or luxury vinyl as it is warmer and more forgiving, eliminating the need for in-floor heating. Some of these materials offer a greater resistance to moisture as conventional tile as well.
  • Nonporous surfaces such as quartz countertops are quite popular as they offer a low maintenance solution. Undermount sinks are common as well not only because of their elegant look but also how easy they are to clean.
  • Cabinetry in the bathroom is a balance of beauty and functionality. More storage spaces can keep countertops and other surfaces clear while allowing a minimalist look. Niches and recesses in the walls are a great way to increase storage space without needing to make the room larger.
  • Plumbing fixtures such as bath tubs and shower faucets are instrumental in providing the experience when using the space that homeowners prefer. Converting an inset tub to freestanding, adding rain shower head or including a steam unit in the shower are all ways to capture that spa feeling that has become so popular with Northwest homes.
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