5 Design trends for the Pacific Northwest in 2021

By August 20, 2019 February 8th, 2024 No Comments

With a greater international influence than ever, the Pacific Northwest aesthetic is evolving. New colors, textures, and surfaces are revolutionizing some old ideas that have been the standard in northwest homes for years. Here are 5 design trends that are taking off in 2019!

Green and red accent cabinets. Navy blue islands or grey base cabinets have been popular for some time now but this year we’re seeing new colors shake things up. Forest green or cayenne red islands with dark glazing can spice up a two-tone kitchen in a way your neighbors haven’t seen yet.

Dark gray wood floors. Refinishing your Oak hardwoods is quite popular, and the darker colors have been gaining traction for the better part of a decade. This year we’re seeing a greater movement towards greys. The darker gray colors can support a more neutral design than warmer browns and are easier to maintain than the ultra-dark finishes i.e. espresso.

High end cooking surfaces or more popular now than ever with gas and induction being the most sought after. Many homeowners are making more conservative product choices with floors or countertops to allow a greater appliance budget. In many cases, this also includes greater ventilation.

Pet integration. Nearly all NW homes have at least one furry family member and they are finally getting their place in the kitchen. Pet food centers and easily cleanable feeding areas have become a must for many families and can be perfect for an unused kitchen desk area.

Matte black hardware. 2020 has seen a rise in matte black selections for faucets, handles, and even appliance components. Easy to maintain, subtle and neutral, the use of matte black hardware will add class to virtually any design.